Brewing Great Coffee

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

In the search for great coffee, it is easy to get overwhelmed (and carried away) with coffee equipment. But good coffee is accessible to all. And inexpensive. I'm going to show you where to start and where to go next.

It goes without saying, that regardless how expensive your gear, neither it nor you can perform miracles, and bad beans will always make awful coffee. No amount of milk and sugar can change that.

Before we jump into the nuances of brewing equipment, let’s establish an arbitrary rating scale (which I totally just made up) to explain why you need better equipment:

Coffee Quality Rating Scale (unofficial)

0 pts - pre-ground Maxwell House brewed cowboy style (dumped into a kettle with no filter). This is not even a suitable caffeine delivery system. Spit it out. Drink water instead.

50 pts - Mr. Coffee with a single serve packet in a hotel room. Again, just drink water.

70 pts - Starbucks black coffee. It is technically consumable, but if you’re at Starbucks, you should get something better like a flat white. Also,