Setting up shop and getting social

This may sound like an advertisement for but it’s not. It’s also not really about coffee. It’s just me telling you about this little journey to create an online coffee company. Because as much as I like coffee I also like starting businesses! I’ve used Wix a few times to setup websites but I used their new ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) feature for Isolation Coffee. It was great to work with and setting up eCommerce was awesome. So, now you can shop like a real person and not fill out some awkward form that goes to e-mail (who uses e-mail?)

Speaking of outdated modes of communication: Isolation Coffee is now on Facebook! I'll be posting giveaways, deals and updates (and beautiful pictures of coffee) every now and then. The cool thing is that I was able to link my website shop to the Facebook shop, so you can shop from either platform! I also logged back into Instagram after a 7 year hiatus and setup enjoy.quiet. A lot has changed in 7 years but apparently the ‘gram is the place to be. It links up with nicely Facebook and once there is enough traffic I can include links in Instragram posted for shopping too. Who knows, I might start inundating all your feeds with advertisements! Isn't social media great?

Both of these platforms are perfect because I started Isolation Coffee to share my love of coffee with my friends. And right now m