Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug


16 oz. (all colors) - $35

12 oz. (all colors) - $30


The Carter Everywhere Mug was designed for coffee, but it is the perfect all day mug. The ceramic internal lining reduces flavor carryover, making a single mug perfect for coffee in the morning, water throughout the day, and beer at night, without sacrificing the flavor of anything! The leakproof lid lets you throw the mug in your bag and go. The double wall design keeps your coffee hot and your iced coffee cold.


The wide mouth was designed to mate-up perfectly with the AeroPress and most pour-over devices, while the thin lip just makes drinking feel better. Together they deliver the full flavor profile for a more immersive drinking experience and make it easier to test the heat before scalding your tongue (stupid tiny plastic holes).



- Ceramic interna