Porlex Mini II - Manual Coffee Grinder

Porlex Mini II - Manual Coffee Grinder


This manual coffee grinder with ceramic burrs and functional design will make every cup of coffee better. Perfectly designed for travel, this is the perfect companion to the AeroPress. Great for daily use, but even better for backpacking and travel. 


What makes a grinder great? Consistant grind size. Inconsistant grinding results in an out of balance extraction (i.e. bitter coffee). Blade grinders mutilate your beans, leaving you with a bitter cup of coffee and sludge at the bottm. Step up your grinding game with the Porlex Mini II.



- 20g capacity is perfect for a single AeroPress serving or an espresso. 

- High preceision ceramic burrs provides a consistant grind.

- Easy manual adjustment from espresso to french press.

- Stainless steel and ceramic materials are easy to clean and are durable.

- Fits in an AeroPress.


Made in Japan with high quality ceramic burrs and stainless steel parts, this grinder is built to last.